hi mella!
buggie here! nice to meet you! i've been doing kravmaga kb for almost a year. at my own pace, and the actual km self defense level 1 student --started last week! today was my 2nd class!

it has been a lifesaver for me as far as helping me build endurance, strengthening my back while zero stress applied to my back..thank God! i wish i had more flexibility. one of km instructors told me as long as i work on my stretching..but i told him i have none. lol. fused on one si joint and l4/l5 and lots of titanium bolts, screws plates and all that good stuff. laugh2 so he said to always tell my team partner and i can take my own pace. and its helped.

what type of martial arts are you doing? i still have my pain thats for sure..AS monkey is always on my back but it has helped me an immense amount. heart

take care and welcome!! buggie heart