Monday stats: Krav CB: 60 min
Buggy was Mrs. Slacker Von Slacker this past weekend! doh Did manage to eat all the honey ham, mashed potatoes, rolls, corn, tamales, barbacoa, sweet potato pie, pecan pie and pretty much any food around I could inhale!! roll I know...I'm shameless! laugh2 Good thing is I didnt gain anything! Wahoo! Thanks Krav! I think my metabolism has kickstarted finally!! cheerleader BUT there's still New Years!! devil2

Kids were pleased as punch with Christmas. Kept it simple as money was extra tight this year! Sofie got the sewing machine she begged for from Santa. She's such a sweetheart. Straight A's. Aced her pre Taks tests. Honor roll and gifted and talented. She deserved it and so much more. But she's easy to please. Miss Gianna got nicky minaj cd and pj's she desperately wanted, and I had originally bought her a new cell. But her new sweetheart suprised her with a touchscreen android phone! She was squealing. laugh2 So I gave Sofie the phone I got. 10.00 a month more thru tmobile and its only for emergencies. grin Little man got a new pS2 and star wars lego game. thing is hilarious. He's pleased as punch! Got my momma her favorite leather and wool slippers she was searching high and low for! I decided to treat Art to some slippers and a snazzy dress shirt that he liked..but I went extra and got him a special Crown Royal drink set with glasses!! hugss He REALLY liked it. We get to drink maybe 2-3 times a year! So we enjoyed that! :tree:
OH and Bubba got his box of doggie biscuits he hoped Santa would bring him. Even though his behavior as a silly boxer is rather questionable at times! laugh2
Okay..thats my story and I'm sticking to it! laugh2 GOOOOO TEAM!! cheerleader