nothing like a little lightning to get our booties moving eh? no glad u got home in time! heart

trust me ..years ago there was a horrible flooding..i believe it was in 98'. i went with the intentions of a breakfast at dennys with my mom and Gianna...only had her then. boy! all of a sudden the rain hit. my mom's battery to her trooper went dead and we were stuck at dennys. literally for hours. then we start seeing helicopters. weather alerts. we were right off loop 410 and perrin beitel road. a little incline but not much. enough to have saved us. right under the highway they werent so lucky. they shut the highway down so my dad nor art could come get us. if you ever visit here theres a dip down at starcrest road...a cozy restaurant with big oak and cypress trees..that was UNDERWATER within an hour or so. no apartments were underwater.

we went there at 10an and were able to head back when they opened highway back up at 630! scary part was driving home and seeing huge oak trees and chunks of oak trees and pecan trees ON the highway. eek2 it was the scariest weather i've ever seen. before then i enjoyed shopping in rainy weather. but this was unforeseen and catastrophic. needless to say ever since then, i get nervous with heavy rain or lightning..this buggy flutters home...and quick! laugh2