hi tink! rainbow
km stands for KravMaga which is a type of Israeli Self-defense that is now used in the military and police departments. the kb is the kickboxing. the class incorporates the 2 together so its 2+1 so to speak. you learn to defend yourself AND burn off up to 1000 calories in one hr. yes

i dont take the self defense classes yet. i'm not sure if i can handle it. i need them but waiting just a wee bit more. ive got a pretty vicious "hammer-fist" thanks to KM now. lol laugh2

what is so amazing about the class is we get anywhere from 80-100 people in each class from all walks of life. we have a BIG number of folks that have arthritis, elderly or disabled. you work at your own pace. the instructors are top notch and i love that they know how to get you going. the only thing they ask is for you not to stop. you can slow down but dont stop. if not it's like you are literally starting from the beginning b/c its a tough class. winter was really hard for me but the instructors worked with me. Pete is the owner and it's 20,000 sq feet of KB, KM level 1+up, Cardio kickbox -without bag, Kettle bell --way too much weight for bug, Cycling, Power cycling -really enjoyed that...good music, KMX which is a mx of 20min cardio, 20 min bag, 20 min of ab work in one class. there's also yoga, and pilates as well.

for now i'll stick to that i'm way too high strung for yoga. i'm not very flexible either. tried it years ago. when we stretch in KB class i STILL have the same flexibility i started with almost a year ago...thats just damage from the AS monster. so i work around it.

we have newbies that are injured, or arthiritic and i always try to help and give them tips on fighting stance, gloves, etc; there are some that are huge muscle folks--usually guys...and they are about to faint after 20-30 min of class. but it builds your endurance and that's important to buggy. even if i'm layed out for a few days afterwards ''''ring ring...stretcher carrying buggie out... laugh2 laugh2