Tuesday Stats:
Krav Womens Self Defense I: 60 min
OMG! It was an awesome class! Until I got racked...kneed in the groin...by accident with my partner I teamed up with. Didnt get to go with my friend afterall. Boy was that PAIN! no The instructors are specific about SIMULATING the kneeing in the groin. Not REALLY doing it. I was nervous with my partner when we were doing straight kicks to groin with a bag because she wasnt gauging her distance properly. I felt uneasy because she was performing the action before thinking each time. Then it happened...I saw stars! sick1 I literally yelled out S***! I doubled over. Then I had to take deep cleansing breathes..the lady kept apologizing and apologizing. I know she didnt mean it--but it was agonizing. Instructors tell us it's a bruise as always we'll be okay. Not sure about this one. crazy no The lady told me..knee me back...give it back to me...i'm so sorry. Nah. It hurt like the dickens but i knew she didnt mean it.

The rest was good. They taught us how to protect ourselves from an abduction, carjacking. Bearhug attack. We had a male instructor join us and he wore the bear suit and mask! laugh2 So it was quite an experience. He was very kind and understanding. Especially with some who were nervous. It was a small but effective group with us. I was very pleased. But now I have to lay down. I dont know if I should be concerned. Art said if it's still alot of pain tomorrow to the doc I go. sick On the plus side instructor said she was very pleased with my defense from the first few rounds. I was sweating bullets out of there. Got some good info to tuck under the buggy belt for krav. cheerleader

Now time to crab walk to my bed and whimper till i pass out....goooo team..ouch! eyes cheerleader cheerleader