Monday stats:
KravMaga KB : 60 minutes
MOST UNPLEASANT...yes caps! lol. unbelievably hot today and they are having trouble with a/c in there. kicks in right when class starts and they've been out there 3x already trying to fix it. sick1 I looked like an oiled bug today. bleh...but everyone was.

KMaga level 1: 60 minutes.
I had zero energy left after my kb class heatwave. had a real nice young lady as a partner. then don don don!!! [drum beats] we had carjacking self defense today! eek2 spook
1st started out with 1 attacker...its usually a higher level but instructor was very excited...ummm..not this kitty kat!! Lol by the time it was our turn..they jumped it to TWO attackers. you sit in an actual car, then partner acts like they are asking you for change...then attack have to pummel or shove or what not two attackers one in back seat to get out. then open palm strike square bag -dont know technical name eyes then get away and lay yourself on back asap and kick off attacker who has longer bag you kick off...then have to get back up and open strike the bag to fend them off. eek2 i wrapped my hands real good since my right hand is a mess. but it was more kicks which was good thankfully.

i survived. im recovering with my crackers and strawberry cream cheese spread..yet another one of my well kept recovery secrets! roll cheerleader laugh2....oh yes an a few motrin and a norco. lol laugh2

luv buggie aka kravmagabugmeister!