Believe ME Erika...I saw stars flash before my eyes! no I felt uneasy with my partner with the previous drills because she'd attack before I moved in. We were taking turns simulating an attack as a bear hug--gentle of course then we grasp to their rib cage area and "space & base" which is VERY important for a woman if she is attacked. You go into your defense position of left foot forward, right foot back feet a little more than your hip length apart. That space allows you to stand your ground and harder for a possible abduction or them lifting you off the ground and hurting you. Its amazing how that simple stance can hold back a grown man. Simple techniques. I went home and showed Gianna. Art was our "attacker". laugh2

It will be motrin and blankets as soon as I drop off Gianna in 10 minutes! roll Goooo Erika! cheerleader Go team!! clap