i had to laugh when i read this post erika!! laugh2 i wander off task to internet more than i should! doh

i've contemplated doing strength training. i asked a couple of the instructers and they said i could modify to the lowest weight. in the km bag it's 1 lbs that i use. you would think it's nothing but its helped me immensely. i actually have definition in my back and shoulders that i NEVER achieved when i was healthy and using TEN lb weights and the gym regularly! cheerleader we also use resistance bands. i've found those to be VERY useful for people with arthritis. because you can work around it. you can adjust the tension when doing an arm curl either by stepping on the strap and doing one armed curls and if it's too much just loosen your band on your foot and so forth. if you would like some tips on them i know PLENTY with the resistance bands!! you can do alot!!! and they wont hurt you!
gooo erika!!! rainbow