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Thanks so much for thinking of this team idea Erica, you are totally inspirational to everyone.

I second that!

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It's so nice to see regular members who come on almost every day (you know who you are guys) and also to see new people joining all the time! And of course everyone in between! Just can't say enough good things about this thread!

i second that too!

Awwww.... While I'm tempted to take a bow, the truth is that you're all saving my butt...literally! hrtballon And my back. cheerleader And my sanity. yes I love you all for keeping me afloat. I was batspit crazy when I got here in early summer. Not kidding, I truly thought I was going crazy. eek2 And all ya'll here have saved my bacon. I think about you all every single day. clap I thank you, my family thanks you, and my non-KickAS friends thank you. heart hugss

Go TEAM! clap

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