You are welcome tink...
You have 3 wee ones under 6 so that alone is cardio for you! laugh2 I have a 16yr old, 10 yr old, and 7 yr and they still plumb wear me out. But not as much as when they were in carryig stages. I had back pain since I was a teen. But full blown after my 2nd daughter was born. That and strollers and soccer for my oldest...I never had time to exercise...that was MY cardio. laugh2

Just pace yourself. You know your body more than anyone else. I also went through a c-section. 3 as a matter of fact so its like learning to use those muscles all over again. no The good thing for you is that you were exercising before. I never worked out. I had so much knee and back pain. Then for a short period I did when my oldest was about 5-6 yrs old. Then I came out preggers and the AS came on full force.

One last thing. When you do any situps...dont put too much pressure on your neck. Alot of folks place their hands behind them or on their side and dont realize they are making their neck worse. That took me forever to try to do. sick1 But for the first time in my life I have abs. laugh2 Make sure you eat well too! Mommas need their energy levels up! I havent modified my diet. My only vice is coca cola. But I get to eat what I want pretty much all the time. Once I hit "40" two years ago that was no longer an option! eek2 laugh2 Krav saved me! laugh2

Keep up the good work Tink!! We'll keep rockin!!! hugss