Thanks Donette! Buggy has been working hard on my arms. It's paid off little by little. I've had to count on them again when it comes to my terrible back, si joints and knees. eyes Whats funny is that I used weights for years before I went full blown with AS and never got them to this point. Yet I am not using heavy weights. Mostly plyometrics, resistance bands and occasional 1 lb weight. rainbow

Yep, buggy can use her hips as a weapon if necessary! laugh2 I still cant believe I was able to with Arthur. He's 195 lbs! But there is no strain on the back. It is INDEED fun!! laugh2 My son kept having me do it to him. Only I'd catch him and he's roll over laughing hysterically. He still asks me and I had to close people tossing shop ! laugh2

Wow, you taught classes? If you dont mind me asking, what kind of classes did you teach? rainbow Wow, sounds like the water exercises would have been great had it been CLEAN water!! sick1
I wanted to walk a little tomorrow but we are expecting heavy rain tonight and more tomorrow and wednesday. We need it though, and thankfully Arthur raked up some more leaves today while I supervised from inside my bed...snoozing. doh laugh2
Take care! hugss