Makes more sense that you walk in the evening! And now I come to think of it you often mention sunsets you see on your walks!! Silly me crazy It was morning time for me and that's as far as my brain went!

I must admit I am a bit of a fair weather walker - I love walking when it's really sunny with a lovely cool breeze or when it's a bit of a chilly autumn day but still nice and bright, so you warm up quickly as you walk! Walking in the dark, cold and rain does not sound such a pleasurable prospect eek2 I think you might be as well to retire indoors in the winter.

I swim in the summer (it's an outdoor pool) and have started my gym class, but I am really a walker. I love spotting things as you walk, as I know you do. We used to go on a woodland walk every Sunday after dinner when I was a kid. I try to take my girls out for a walk as often as I can. They are loving the crunchy leaves at the moment!

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