Ouchie ouchie ouchie! mad When does one get the "wiser" part of "older and wiser"? Never, I repeat NEVER attempt to do COMBAT SIDE STROKE! As if a 50 yr old woman has any business AT ALL thinking this could possibly be a good idea... just because the 22 yr old Coast Guard rescue swimmer in the next lane can do it. Geez. no Sometimes I amaze myself with my own stupidity.... Even though I immediately took a muscle relaxer, my right sacrum, groin, hip, and tailbone have that burning nerve feeling and my heels freaking HURT to walk on. I'm taking my grumpy irritated self to bed. frown

Whew! Now that I've got that off my chest ~


Swimming - 1,250 yds / 45 minutes

Oh yes, and Go TEAM! clap

ANA+ RF+ Rh- HLAB27+
Dx JRA 1967, GAD 1997, AS 2009, HMs 2010, CPS 2013
pulmonary edema w/ NSAIDS 2009

Movin' it so I don't lose it!