SAT Stats:
KM CB: 60 min
Up remarkably early. Even though fatigue was on my back today, I kept myself shuffling along without stopping. I knew if I stopped I'd crash and burn miserably. The kiddos and I even did a little theraupetic outlet shopping!! I found some red white and blue sequin flag trim warmups!!!Not exactly the Rocky trunks...but i feel confident that IF there was a female Rocky equivelant ...I'd get the approval!!! laugh2 I'll post a pic tomorrow!! Nothing like a lil shopping to lift spirits. Only could handle one store with my feet and 2 wee ones that were well fed for breakfast but bored within 3 min of arriving. Lucky for Buggie..I'm a I shop quickly. clap

A prodcutive day! Tomorrow is Bubba's 1st free training session. He was NOT good with big groups of socializing at dog adoption site today. It was for an Austin Boxer rescue. He was fit to be tied. eyes Ever since the pit attacked us he's a wee grumpy with other dogs. Lucky a lady thats president of an animal awareness that was there gave me good walking tips. He always does so well when we walk even with other dogs near. but it was too much stimulation....dozens of yapping doggies!! heart So he's now a member of Big Dawgs of SA and going for free obediance classes tomorrow!! yahoo! cheerleader He loves children, adults...and visiting dogs at our home...but i think he was just nervous. Overall a very productive Saturday! Arts back home and boy was I happy!! we missed him so much!! hug

Go team!!! cheerleader