I doubt our Canadian cousins would allow such a farce.

laugh2 John, thank you for your faith in us. Sadly, while the Canadian public might not allow it, our government has recently made a habit of doing whatever it wants, no matter what the public makes clear is a priority (to paraphrase our Prime Minister - 'It's not my job to listen to what polls and the public have to say. It's my job to do what I think is best.' which he said a few short months after having been elected to a minority government - sadly, he's stuck to this). I fear that while your government is fighting for healthcare for all and a clean environment, ours is doing its utmost to weaken things beyond reckoning. As a Canadian citizen, I am embarassed beyond belief by our current government and its stance (or lack thereof) on far too many issues.

And, yes, I know I've het up some of my fellow Canucks in saying this. It is merely my opinion, which I have stated quite clearly on many occasions.

Warm hugs,


A life lived in fear is a life half lived.
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