excellent, Chris

Documentary seems to do a really good job of focusing on each country, including both the pros and cons

in the UK section, the section I was able find to find to view online, it shows that the citizens are shielded from out of pocket expenses, but doesn't pretend that it is without a price, we all know that they pay for it in their high taxes, but the amount per-person by the National Health Service is about half what we Americans pay. And doesn't ignore the weak points, elective procedures, and that in order to get access to a specialist they must go through the gatekeeper of their primary doctor, and often wait long times for those specialist appointments

Really key to their system is the fact that the hospitals compete for the government-paid services, the citizens get to choose which hospital to go to, so it's not like the least expensive hospital will automatically get that contract, quality counts, that strikes me as sensible mechanism

and just wild to see the people protesting in the streets, upset about the idea that there were at the time of the film, efforts to privatize some health care functions, just the opposite of what people are doing in America

In contrast:

I wish PBS would re-run our "Critical Condition" doc, which tells the stories of 4 Americans, who for different reasons, couldn't get adequate health care. Though there are portions of the individual segments available on YouTube:

sorry if they are tough to watch, this is what the problem actually looks like

Carlos (suffers from AS)

Hector's (gangrene, diabetes)

Joe (diabetes, edema)