Of course with a wide majority in favor of health care reform (the same majority that voted for Obama last year, and then some), the chances for re-election are very good, especially if he gets health care reform passed (hardly a requirement though).

But Brad, you nailed it when you said that Pres. Obama doesn't do things soley for political reasons; he does things he believes in and takes the consequences come what may (his vote against the war in Iraq for instance when nearly everyone else in Congress voted for it, way before he decided to run for president).

No, his chances for re-election are very good: he promised a middle-class tax cut and delivered in the first month of his first term; he promised health care reform and is very close to accomplishing it; he promised to lead the country's economy to recovery and signs are everywhere that this has begun (with a lot of work to do yet); he promised to restore America's standing in the world and that has begun in a major way; he promised to end the war in Iraq and troops are drawing down every day (not as fast as I'd like but I guess it can't be done overnight); he promised to take the fight to the real terrorists in Afghanistan and is in the process of doing just that; he promised to close Gitmo and has already signed the executive order to do so (and now if those in Congress would allow him to complete the action it'd be great).

We as a country have a long way to go, but think of where we were just a year ago -- how far we've come in such a short time; and now imagine 3 more years of this same, disciplined, responsible, intelligent, non-dogmatic leadership (but of course not perfect -- who could be?) and it's not hard to imagine and actually easy to expect a second term for Obama (obviously, not if you listen to the critics, but that's why they're called critics).

Politics is/are politics, and there will always be critics, no matter who's in office and no matter how effective that president is (Lincoln was hated by so many during the Civil War, Reagan was seen as the anti-christ, lol, by many liberals; even FDR was not exempt from partisan politics, and yet each of these is considered to be a great president).

But first thing's first: I need healthcare! Let's go Congress; get the job done, both parties; it's time.