Oh, Jay, I wasn't slamming you with my mention of the Canadian system. More like I was trying to commiserate/sympathize in a way with you being denied because of your AS. Sorry for that misunderstanding.

I guess my position comes from a 'needs of the many' point of view (thank you Gene Roddenberry). I don't think we should be forced to put all of our income into a general pool, but that those of us with more should have no problem helping those of us with less.

The opposite side of the occupation 'coin' could come down to why should someone be forced to do something which they find neither fulfilling nor enjoyable because of the way the system works. We could end up with a sort of '1984' world, where everything must be as the government says - culture determined by what is politically correct??? Oceania lives. wink

Warm hugs,


A life lived in fear is a life half lived.
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