Well, maybe I shouldn't have brought it up..

not because I don't think I made a good point, but because I can't post all the details on this public forum.

Suffice to say, I do understand that a private insurance company will have to be making a profit in order to survive, but it's the fact that THEY get to dictate to their customers (the University in this case, the citizens of the US in the example of health care) the conditions under which they function, restricting what the customers can and can't do, because otherwise the insurance companies will have less-than-huge profits (and they ARE huge, that's easy to prove) and the customers will lose their coverage-is a big problem

a situation that could be helped if a non-profit entity would replace or at least compete with the for-profit insurance companies, which is how it's done in other countries, like Canada and Japan, who have nationalized health insurance, that's my point...

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