Hey Lon, the debt is from the last 8 years and 9 months, not just the last 9 months; it takes time and money to clean up a mess that big.

And those people in the hospital without insurance, we pay every penny of the bill in higher rates. Something has to be done to reform the system and something will be done.

And it's funny about those who cry for less government, like those in Georgia who didn't want any of the stimulus money, but as soon as the flood waters came, here they come, hat in hand to the federal government, wanting their own bailout. Hypocrisy in action.

I don't have health care, Lon, and I can't get it because of AS; the status quo means I won't get health care in my lifetime (goodness knows that the other side had 8 years to pass their version of some kind of reform, including tort reform -- which I agree with by the way -- and they didn't do it; didn't even get a bill out of committee, committees that they controlled and chaired); so yes, I want healthcare reform, because without it, I'm screwed even more than I am now.