What the U.S. healthcare system does well, it does better than any country in the world--that is irrefutable. But until everyone has at least basic access to that system, to say it is not broken is equally indefensible, in my opinion.


Hey Brad,

Thanks for your opinion. I have learned over the years I've been on KickAS to value it highly. However, it is your opinion. The facts are as you stated, the US has a healthcare system that is the envy of the world. The law in any state I've ever lived in is that no one can be refused treatment because they can't afford it. That could be different in Michigan, but I somehow doubt it. You are right, though. If someone does not avail themselves of the services, they won't get treated. And, they may not be first in line, but we are a generous nation, and we will not refuse medical care to anyone. That's the Law.


Keep the Faith!