Hi all,

I just wanted to add my current situation into the mix. Right now, I'm unemployed due to downsizing and I've run out of COBRA since my last employer didn't offer insurance. Under the law I'm entitled to join a HIPAA plan and my agent found a decent one. Its a low premium with a huge deductable, but once I pay that it has good coverage. Given the circumstance, its not too bad.

The problem is that its taken more than two weeks to get the proper paperwork from the last insurance company to the new insurance company. I'm still waiting to hear if the last form I turned in is what they need. They have all the info they need, but there is one specific form they want before they will start my coverage.

As of right now, I'm still within my time limit, but if I wasn't calling the old company every few days, I don't know if I would have gotten the correct forms I needed on time. I may be cinicle(sp), but it almost feels like they want me to fail and lose my insurance, even though the new plan isn't even theirs!

While a public option would be good, I think they need to at least insure that the insurance companies play fair and give people the coverage they should be getting.