I try but don't understand the health care dilemma in the US. I research into it and I see it play out every night on CNN (the only station on every day) I don't think I will understand. What would the problem be if you just flashed a card and you're taken care of like us in Canada? My Grandma has been in the hospital for about 2 months (please pray for her) and we haven't payed a cent! Tests and care and tests and care... IMO if there should be anything that every citizen should have, this is by far the utmost important. More than education, more than crashin stuff into the moon, more than imperializing in other countries...IMO if you can't introduce anything new without cutting other programs, cut em all! Being a citizen of a country (belonging to a group) you believe in should be sufficient enough for anyone to receive care from its fellow people. Looking after one another...Screw that you shouldn't even have to believe in it, just be a fellow member of it!

As far as monopolies go, the only monopoly in the US is the FED. Look in to that one.(Maybe that's where the prob lies) Left and Right should be called stage left and stage right.

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