All my personal opinion of course:

US Health Care currently is not a free market to begin with but is already controlled by governments (Federal and State) so the Health Insurance lobby mostly runs health care in America and in my opinion that is worse then socialism!

Americans seem to have this wierd idea that socialism = left and capitalism = right as we are on a straight line. Left or Right, that is 100% false.

A public option will allow MORE competition in health care and will actually be a move towards a "free market" in health care once again.

A free market would be best, but go and try to start your own "alternative care" hospital and compete with the American Medical Association and then report back on how the "free market capitalism" in America is working. LOL.

Or go and try obtain some LDN and then report back on the "free market capitalism" in USA health care!

Why do you think every health insurance company in America opposes the public option and why do you think they have spent $100 million this year lobbying against it? For the good of Americans?

Singapore is a great example. Singapore has the lowest health care costs per person in the modern world plus great care outcomes. Singapore achieved this through a public / non-profit option that COMPETES with private health care and so constantly improves care, improves outcomes, and dirves down costs.

Another issue is that small business can no longer compete in America. I have to pay a huge premium to provide heatlh insurance to my employees and that stops me from hiring top talent and stops me from competing against the huge companies that currently run America.

A public health care option nationwide will result in a huge increase in competition from small business and individuals - how many talented people do you know that keep their dead end job at some huge, inefficient corporation simply because health insurance?

Many of these huge firms, now exist as a simple roll-up of administration costs (health care, 401Ks, legal issues, ect..) and do not compete on an even playing field - in other words - worse than socialism.

America does not equal capitalism and never was intended to. Capitalism is a very broad concept taht has changed drastically since the founding fathers.

It is very important for people to put the concepts of individual freedom and liberty way about "capitalism" as it is today and once you start doing that then you relalize "regulation" that supports individuals over the state and/or large corporate conglomerates is actually a very American concept.