I've asked Americans quite a few times what their coverage includes and how much they pay but so far I've had nobody tell me their details for some reason. ?

Because it is literally different for every single person, Timo. There is simply no stock way to answer that question. Right now, I pay $505 a month for my COBRA coverage, but my COBRA is not the same as the COBRA that another person might be paying the exact same amount for. That is because COBRA is an extension of the insurance you had when you were working--ie, private insurance provided to employees by an employer--and thus each person has different insurance because every company offers different insurance. My company offered an exceptional insurance package that includes an option that pays 100 percent of my expenses once I meet a $250 deductible for the year. Well, 100 percent as long as I stay in their health network--if I stray outside that network (which IS very large), I get hit with huge bills. Also, I do have a constant deductible on all prescriptions that ranges from $10 to $75 per prescription, depending on what type of drug it is. Another person also paying $505 for their COBRA might not have nearly the same coverage I do solely because their employer offered a different policy, one that covered far less than my insurance did.

The bottom line is my first sentence--insurance is different for every person here. Using my COBRA coverage was just one type of example of this.