Hey Timo,

I think you may have been swayed by too many of the left leaning news sources. First, those who have been "yelling these things" at the Town Hall meetings are definitely informed. They know that Medicare is run by the government, and they also know that Medicare is poorly run, loaded with fraud, and bankrupt. Also, they know that those of us who own stock in the insurance companies are the villainous stockholders you hear so much about. To whom would you have the doctors or hospitals be responsible? Us, or the Government, who bring us such well run organizations as the post office, Medicare, and Medicaid, the same government that brings you $1,000.00 hammers and toilet seats.

Personally, I would rather my Dr. and I decide on my treatment, not my government or my insurance company. So, if we are going to fix something, we should be concentrating on fixing this: Get those who don’t know beans about medicine out of medical decisions. And that is what the Town Hall folks are yelling about.

Keep the Faith!