I need to add that I believe that healthcare should not be yoked to any means of "work" (or lack there of) that someone puts in to society. Who is righteous enough to judge what work is more important than another? To me fulfilling a good purpose that has no dollar value is far more important than the billions of paper pieces with faces on them are. Being cared by someone who knows how to do so fits in there too. Synergy.

I know film drivers who drive their Mercedes to my work, pick up one of our vehicles, drive it to the set and sit around all day getting fat on craft services (trust me they tell me this). You don't even need an 'education'. They do way less work than the other drivers that we personally employ and make WAY more money. Wait- film: the most important work in the world, never mind. I think we're doing Hulk 2 in the near future...

Right now MONEY is dictating who gets healthcare, and last I checked MONEY is a poor poor poor (I'm not sure I can say it enough) judge of character.

By the way, tax payers, shouldn't you be more frustrated that a large portion of your taxes go to pay off a fake debt that was concocted out of thin air? That's entire lifetimes of 'work' and 'servitude' going to a fake number that doesn't really even exist. All while you could be getting healthcare. But that's the system we live in. Increasing national debts made out of money that doesn't even exist and the creditors telling us which programs to cut (or hand over) in order to pay them their interest back. Otherwise, "we'll make your national "Fico" score look bad to the ROW and your 'currency' or value of means in which you trade, will go into the garbage."

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