Keep in mind that what the administration is proposing is not government run healthcare. Even with the public option, it will still only be an option. Think Fed-Ex vs. UPS vs. the Post Office; you have your choice between two private companies (among others) and a quasi-government option. The Post Office has not put the other two private companies out of business just as a public option in the health care program would not put private insurance companies out of business -- it would just help to make sure that private companies don't monopolize the industry and thus enable them to continue to raise rates every year.

So, to repeat, the proposed plans are NOT for a government run program, just a public option; it must stand on it's own, will not be subsidized with tax dollars like Amtrak, and will help to lower the cost of the private plans.

Everyone will have a choice! They can stick with the plan they have now or shop around or opt for the public option (if it's included in the final bill -- looks like there might be a trigger for a public option if rates from the private insurers don't fall enough due to no competition).

The good news is that there will be a health care reform bill passed before Christmas. And all of us without healthcare will soon be able to get the care we need. Those of us who can't afford it will get assistance so that we can.

The debate has been good, the plan will be a great start, and over time it will be even better. We have so many cooks in the kitchen in our govt, but even with the politics, we'll still get what we need.

Hang in there, help is on the way!