i just bought this book:

Howard Deans "Prescription for Real Healthcare Reform"

after reading the reviews, which i encourage you to read too, a lot of information there, i think this may be an even handed discussion of health care reform by someone with both degrees and experience in both politics and medicine. i'll know more once i read the book.

interestingly, both the older essay i posted and the reviews for this book talk about looking toward other countries for ideas and then tailoring to our needs.

the other thing i found very interesting is that the private insurers spend a lot more money (one of the reviews said 20% of their revenue, double what medicare spends) on administration. the essay i posted separately said much of that administrative cost goes toward: "fighting adverse selection, trying to identify and screen out high-cost customers".

there are additional books on healthcare suggested on the amazon page as well.

does anyone else have any other good books on the topic to recommend?

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