Pete, I'm not so sure that most self sustaining citizens were expecting or wanting stimulus help. I think all those folks wanted was maybe some temporary assistance from FEMA. It is those that typically live off the government's teet that would want stimulus money. Just look at the handout that took place in Detroit in the past few days.

Temporary assistance? Sure sounds like a bailout to me; no matter what you choice to call it, the tea-baggers don't want anything from the federal government unless it's for them, like flood relief, or social security checks; they want relief but they don't want anyone else to get relief. Many that are fighting against healthcare reform are getting health care from the federal government. Again, hypocrisy in action. All I ask for is consistency. If you don't want the fed in your life, don't cash the social security check, don't ask for help from the feds in an emergency; if you want to be self-sufficient, be self-sufficient, but don't pick and choose.