Morning Dow!

Healthcare reform has been a platform for officials of every level for as long as I can remember.

I do understand that "we" won't have an opportunity to vote on this, and the workings of our political system. And I am not calling out any one party or group. Democrat or Republican we have all had a bite at the apples and we have all had our success and failure.

As I stated I amnot against a government run heallthcare, as long as it can be run fairly across all boundaries and in the black without huge taxes upon people that are already taxed to the hilt. What bothers me with the route this bill(s) is taking is that they, our elected officials, are trying to rush something through to show that they made a change regardless of the cost in dollars, and more importantly quality of care. SLOW DOWN!! Lay a solid proven ground work to build on. If it doesn't happen during Obama's tenure it can carry on to the next administration. We are talking about peoples healthcare, their lives, not killing snakes. There are countries that have already made the mistakes, and are finally making it better, ie Canada and England. Look at their systems, quit playing the Almighty USA and ask our neighbors for some input so that we don't fall into the same holes that they did getting their system up and running.

We have the Medicare system already in place. Far be it from perfect or financially sound. Can it be restructured to fit the needs of all people, or is there a need to re invent the wheel?

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