Hi Yall...I'm going to throw my two-cents in here...but just so you know, I've already put on a suit of armor, so bashing will do no good.... Okay, I'm financially responsible for repairing my car if it breaks...my home and the KAlypso as well....I'm responsible for the vet bills if the dogs need to go, so why would I not be financially responsible for my own body? I think those that can afford to either buy insurance or pay their own medical bills, should have to do one or the other...but I think the biggest problem is that we've got too many young healthy people on public assistance and their children are on it too and the children's father isn't supporting his own children....if they would tighten the reins on just that group, make them work and take care of the children that they decided to have, it would not only bring down the unemployment rate and boost the economy, we would find a multi-billion dollar surplus in the bank, plenty enough money to take care of those that truly can't work or afford to buy insurance or pay their medical bills but of course we'll have to hire more cops and build more prisons because the crime rate will go up, simply because some have no pride and they'd rather steal what someone else has worked very hard to get, instead of working for it....sadly we now have to support not only ours but theirs too....

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Age 7- Kidney Necrosis
Age 11-Bursitis
Age 14-Costo
Age 17-Psoriasis
Age 32-Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Age 33-Sacroilitis
Age 35-Interstitial Cystitis
Age 40-AS
Age 44-Fibro
Age 44-PsA
Age 45-MS
Age 46-Sjogrens
Age 46-Raynauds
Age 47-PF