Jay, I don't see you as dark-hearted at all. I just don't agree with you. smile

I see healthcare as a human right, no matter what status in life you live, no matter whether or not your life (i.e. occupation) choices might be deemed wise in the eyes of another.

With regard to the single mom and deadbeat dad scenario, it's not so black and white as you would have it be. It's not always clear to a woman when the man she has married is an a$$. She might never know there were problems until the day he announces he's leaving her. Or, she might know there are problems, but be unable to change her situation (due to having been a stay-at-home mom for the last 10 years and having no, boss friendly, job experience, for example). Women get trapped like this all the time, and it isn't always (or even nearly always) due to her not having seen something she should have. Regardless, will you punish the children to spite the mother? I'm going to sound like your garden-variety femi-nazi here, but when you can bear children and the responsibility for their lives in the way that a mother does, then you can pass judgement on the choices a woman might make with regard to the father of those children and whether or not she truly has the option to get out of that marriage/relationship.

Jay, this, in particular, stuck in my craw:

I'm not saying that anyone isn't worthy of health insurance (though, apparently I'm not, due to pre-existing illnesses)...

You can say what you like about whether or not the Canadian system is ideal, but you will never hear of anyone being denied healthcare coverage due to pre-existing illness. Bar none. Now, extended healthcare packages (ie. job benefits) might be different, but the government funded healthcare is available to us regardless. I could move to any province in this country and be covered under that province's plan, simply by virtue of the fact that I am a Canadian citizen. That's one of the things that government run healthcare can potentially offer - an end to discrimination based on arthritis.

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