At least from my standpoint I disagree. Yes I am a Republican and have held a job and paid taxes and social security since I was 13, however now I am not working due to my AS and its related complications. And I am paying my own way on COBRA insurance for the time being. And I never held my insurance policy over the head of anyone, rich or poor, citizen or alien. I do feel that to be covered by an insurance that no doubt we the people will be paying for, that you should at least be a citizen or legal visitor to the US.

I am not against the general issue of having a national health insurance. I am against having one pushed onto us that we know so little about, and how it will be financed and for how much. I would feel this way regardless of the party in charge. There are so many spins on what this plan covers and doesn't cover and where the money will come from to fund it, does anybody really know what we are getting? The plan on paper looks like a NYC phone book. Just give us the facts and let the people decide.

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