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I don't know what Stormy's point was, but mine was simply to highlight the fact that in comparison to some of the "industries" mentioned in Stormy's post, the health insurers aren't making "fat" profits as the current administration has stated. The CEO salaries of those organizations, while hefty, are definitely not out of line with other big businesses/corporations.

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I'm confused as to why the entertainment industry or the cigarette and and brewery industries are relevant.

My initial point was simply that the restrictions and limits that DOW's wife and her students were chafing under were most likely imposed on them by University Administration, not by an insurance company. I am annoyed by the constant references to egregious profits by insurance companies as that is simply untrue. The insurance company bashing is getting old. The Democrats and liberals do it constantly...but just try to mess with their profits in their chosen professions. I listed several industries whose profit margins are much higher then the profit margins of insurance companies. I think that is valid and relevant in this discussion. I really was not picking on DOW - I actually have never paid attention to what he does for a living. I really had the Michael Moore's of the world in mind when I originally posted. His recent interview with Sean Hannity was very telling. He visibly paled when Hannity questioned if he was willing to give up much of his exorbitant income like he was expecting corporate CEO's to; or if he would give up large portions of his income to pay for healthcare for the disadvantaged. Apparently, Mr Moore does not view himself as one of the wealthy who should pay for this health care monstrosity. (That struck me a pretty typical.)