I have had the chance for this situation to hit close to home.

My husbands sister has 2 girls (our nieces) who are both in college right now and both will graduate with honors in 3 years instead of the typical 4.

They all came for a visit about a month ago and these beautiful girls have both decided to become Drs. the younger one wants to be a Dentist and the older wants to be an OB-Gyn. While we were talking to her the subject of malpratice insurance came up and I told her that I had read that on the average now Dr.s are paying a staggering $170,000 a year JUST for malpractice insurance. I told her that is something to think about.

Im not sure if it is like that for just specialty Docs that maybe they have a bigger chance of messing up as far as say surgery ect...or if that is pretty much accross the board.

If I had thought today I would have asked my Immunologist about it and seen if his malpratice insurance is thru the roof.

I do know that I have read over and over again that this is forcing wonderful Drs. right out of their practices and making it to where we have less and less Drs. to keep up with demand.

I hope to goodness that someone can come up with something to take care of this.


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