Sorry to disagree Timo but I think most of those people are retired person's who worked the whole lives, contributed to "the system" and actually believed that "the system would be there when they needed it.

I personally believe that I have contributed to "the system" (social security, unemployment, medicare) since I started work at 14 and now at 43 and unable to work for the last 5 months- I should be allowed to draw unemployment, apply for disability and apply to medicare/medicaid or something for help. I understand that I have to apply so as to keep people from taking advantage. But I do feel that I am allowed to because of my contributions.

I think that maybe people at the town halls are angry because the feel that their contributions will be used for people who have not paid into the system- ie. illegals, people who choose not to work, etc. and that when the time comes that they themselves need it, the money will be gone.
I think they have valid fears- social security alone has gone through several changes from it's original set up.

Unfortunately it is hard to trust a government (current and former) that changes it's tune so often. It is difficult to trust any large institution to have your best interest at heart- just look at banking, hospitals, schools, insurance to name a few.

The town hall explosions are the result of a bigger picture. In my humble opinion- Thank you for your point of view on these weighty issues.