At least from my standpoint I disagree.

Curious to know, Chris, more about which one (or all) of my thoughts you disagree on?

Want to make sure I point out that I have a lot of respect for your opinions, and your contributions here


I am not against the general issue of having a national health insurance. I am against having one pushed onto us that we know so little about, and how it will be financed and for how much. I would feel this way regardless of the party in charge. There are so many spins on what this plan covers and doesn't cover and where the money will come from to fund it, does anybody really know what we are getting? The plan on paper looks like a NYC phone book. Just give us the facts and let the people decide.

Well, that isn't the way it will unfold, as U.S. citizens, we are not going to be able to vote on one bill or another, or to abandon the idea of reform completely

And want to make it clear that there isn't just one bill being discussed right now, there are in fact 5 different ones being developed, that are making their way through the process, and many changes will be made to them as they go through the House, the Senate, and the Executive (Presidential) branches

The way we citizens get to influence that process, is by making our voices heard, by doing things like participating in discussions such as the town hall meetings (yes perhaps by protest, if that is what we feel), exerting our voter's rights by writing our elected representatives and telling them what we think of their actions, and whether or not will we support them by contributing to their campaigns, and ultimately, whether we will use our votes in the next election to re-elect them or cause them to be removed from office

sorry if that is too political, it seems to me that we can't really have much of a discussion about health care reform, if we don't delve into the processes that shape it