So the goal is to have no different plans and no different level of benefits. Equality for all.
Who is against this??

I do fear that the people who are against this...

(besides the people who have been showing up at the town hall meetings with signs and an intent to disrupt the proceedings, who have been directly and indirectly been influenced to do so by corporate interests)

(and besides the people who are against Obama, ignoring at least for the moment the racists, but now talking about members of the Republican party, who think one of the ways to regain power for their party is to try to defeat ANY proposal coming from the Left)

(and also some of our people who have developed a mistrust of our government to actually pull this off)

...are a lot of people who currently have coverage, likely through their employers, and this is a way for them to keep their advantage over the poorer and unemployed people, and ESPECIALLY the minorities and immigrants, who they fear might come to this country in increasing numbers, should things like coverage for people with pre-existing conditions become available-

That's what I think, anyway