Personally, I'm not one to follow polls, nor am I good at finding or paying attention to them. However, this information seems to be relatively recent. Most of it seems to indicate that there are more "oppose" responses compared to "favor" responses when folks are asked about the Obama/Dem ideas of universal health care. The numbers, however, do change similar to the direction of the wind. What I found interesting is that (if you scroll down to the NBC/WSJ poll) folks find any proposal coming from Repubs as, if not more, heinous than what is being proposed by Dems. Therefore, I can only come to the conclusion that they all need to be voted out and replaced with legislators that work in the interest of the public.

Poll Information

Yes, debate opens today and may come to a vote on the floor of the House. That is just the House bill though, not a final bill.

I probably concur with you in that some of the people against it will be the early in the queue to sign up as the main thing to which they will pay attention is cost. Many of these folks don't understand what benefits they have through a current plan/policy, yet will be willing to switch based on the presumption of equal or greater benefit for less cost. There will also be some that oppose it that really won't have a choice if their employers abolish their current plans with a health insurer to sign up on a government plan.

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