While some of what you say is not that bad an idea, the actuality of much it would contradict what you say. The way I see it is that much of any new manufacturing to fill demand here in the States is going to take place overseas. It will either be outsourced or off-shored. Even if a product is assembled here in the States, many or all the components might be sourced from foreign countries. American workers are too expensive and their demands are too many in contrast to workers outside the country. I don't like it, nor do I condone it, but it is the way that the large majority of corporate America works. Corporations also find it advantageous in many situations to not bring the profits back to the U.S. due to tax laws. Therefore, they reinvest the profits in the country of origin or redeploy them for use elsewhere outside the U.S. Some if it makes sense since much of the growth is not taking place here. However, some of it is just for the benefit of the shareholders. I'm not saying that the U.S. or the Westernized world deserves to be rich, but, at least for a transitionary period of time, wages and standard of living here will be in decline while wages and standard of living will increase elsewhere.

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