Ahhh... "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry". My intention is to morph back into Dave Banner at some point in time, but I'm still as angry and enraged as I was at the time I put this up, therefore it stays until that time. Been that way for practically the last 15 years.

Well, I like that. Now we have a goal on this KickAS thread, we'll know if we ever see that Dave Banner avatar, that progress has been made!

I read the Charles Hugh Smith blog that you posted..

my thoughts are that he is describing not a system that is being proposed, but more like the one that exists today, where the health care industry rules the order of things, with our government being under their control, not the other way around!

and we will never reach a situation where "everything is free for all" nor should we try to attempt that, he is right that it would bankrupt our system, simply not possible

good point that other countries that provide greater degree of benefits for their people are stressed under the costs of doing that, but I'm sure they would counter that with that they feel that is a cost well worth spending...

but we're not talking about that here, not a newly-created government-run health care system, that uses our taxes to pay itself, we're talking about using the collective bargaining power of US citizens, (many of whom are not covered at all, and therefore have zero negotiation power) to continue to pay our existing doctors, hospitals, and drug companies

but with a critically important difference...

That the governmental bill that is being proposed is designed to NOT run at a profit, (actually decrease our deficit, not increase it) unlike our insurance companies, that were set up that way from day one, and they are VERY successful at it

So I think of it as this being about creating a competition, when the not-for-profit entity starts competing with the for-profit existing entities, the result should be lower prices for us, less profit for them, more people covered

I know you don't trust that...fair enough, when there are billions and billions of dollars involved, I'm sure that we both don't believe that it won't be the end of corruption...

Here's something I think we should all watch:

(especially the part about how it will affect tax our tax burden)

Congressman Rob Andrews from last week