Our health care industry is the envy of the civilized world, and there are people outside the US that are wondering why we want to change it. We are trying to fix something that isn't broken.

This is an important point, and I do agree, at least the first part of the statement

We have some of the best, most renowned doctors in the world here, and great facilities

Many WEALTHY people from all over the world come here to be treated.

Why is that?

I argue that it is the fact that we don't have the price controls here, if a very talented surgeon wants to capitalize on his reputation, and fame, if he practices in the US, he can charge whatever he can get, so therefore moving to this country is a very strong incentive indeed

But if the same surgeon were to practice in one of the countries where there is a price cap, the government has an influence on the rate charged for a heart transplant, for instance, he/she won't make as much money for the same service

I think that gives an explanation for some of the types of ironies that currently exist in our free-enterprise system...