Hey Moose,

To whom is this interest owed?

The interest is owed to whomever buys the t-bills. That can be us or it can be some foreign folks, most notably the Chinese lately. But I'm not sure that who gets the interest makes much of a difference. It still has to be paid.

Hey Brad,

I think you know from bumping into each other in any number of threads in the past that I absolutely respect your always-thoughtful (and often very funny!) posts.

Thanks for the complement, and I would never take offense at a reply. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. (with the possible exception of Mr. Andrews. laugh2 Get that Kevin? )

I never meant to imply that the Dems were the only ones who liked to spend other folks money. They are just better at it than most. I believe the reason the the Rep's are no longer in control of the government is because they got drunk on spending MY money, and as a result got booted out of office in favor of those who do that sort of thing better.

No, the national debt is far bigger than one party. After all, Andrew Jackson was the first real Democrat, and he paid the national debt all off during his administration.

Keep the Faith!