Putting a stop to excessive greediness in the medical and pharmaceutical industry would be a nice place to start. Medication doesn't have to cost 'this' much, neither does pulling a tooth cost $250, etc. An xray of the spine shouldn't cost $300 if an xray of the hand costs $40. If people weren't feeling forced into disability for the insurance, then there would be less people trying to get disability. I know that Prescription meds are overly priced, for example some meds have over-the-counter equivalents carrying the same brand name, but cost 100 times less.

Everyone wins with less costs.....
Pharmies get more sales. Doctors get more patients. More people affording insurance (not to mention rates will become cheaper). Less denials for pre-existing conditions. Less people forced into disability. More spending power in Medicare. More people have money for food and clothes. Medicaid's spend-down will stop going up, etc etc etc.

The only people who won't win are the people who want the most amount of money for the least amount of work/product/service.

By the way, I have insurance now, but I was once denied insurance for a pre-existing condition though an employer in the past. PS. This is the polite version of what I was going to say.

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