I'm sorry if the "bashing" tone has come from me at all, I don't want that tone to be here. If it has, I am a very sarcastic person and I use it to explain things too often. I really hope to not offend while I type!

I guess now we're talking about the difference between rights and privileges. Those things you speak of are definitely privileges. I guess it may be over determining if access to a country wide health care system is a right or a privilege? IMO a healthy life is a right and can increase a country's productivity as a side effect! In other opinions I guess its a privilege.

Then you should have the 'right' to say, "umm, personally, I'm not going to pay for the war America's in, my neighbour can pay for it if he's for it." "I don't think crashing stuff into the moon is the 'in' thing to do, maybe the next thing NASA comes up with I'll help fund."

...back to the "free" point...

P.S. I hope that didn't come across as bashing or preachy

Hey, somebody stole my quote! - Me