Less government
Fix tort action, by lowering benefits and maintaining standards for physicians
Stop spending what we do not have- my grandkids have a debt from the last 9 months that will take a
life time to repay.
Fix social security / Medicare / Medicaid now
Local responsibility and more sovereignty for the states in regard to insurance.
Stop bailing out people who can not give an honest answer and spend more in one weekend get away
Than most of us do all year.
If a man does not/ did not work why should he be guaranteed insurance?
For 35 years I have visited people in hospitals who have never had insurance, who have never paid their bills but are taken care of by our society. We have problems, but we have always taken care of our sick. Yes there are exceptions, but we have been the most generous nation in the world.
The Catholic Church said they will close 200 hospitals in the cities, if this mandatory health care goes into effect, why? Because it does demand certain things from folks who are already burdened financially. I did enjoy this rousing discussion. We are all stronger when we have to explain our ideas.
Senator Enzi from Wyoming has worked long and hard on this. I have e-mailed him and listened to numerous speeches. I have tried to read copies of this legislation. Has anyone gotten it? We must stop passing bills we have not read.!

I keep the New Covenant,
when I fail....I am pulled
back into place by HIM.