Yes, totally, we've heard that too, that paper letters count for more than email, online polls, and all that, so that's what we've been doing lately

And when it came time to signing the letters, by hand, it always reminds me how I've almost completely lost the ability to write the old-fashioned way, as I kid I used to pride myself in my penmanship, now those muscles are almost completely not under my domain

Missed the Bill Maher show last night, will ketchup tonight

Isn't it ironic how a show like that, which is hosted by by someone as clearly radical as he is, actually ends up being one of the more equal-opportunity discussions on TV, because he has guests from all points of view, and they just go back and forth? (Like last week he had Bill Frist on the show, talking about health care, expressing some of the same points that we have been seeing here)

Also I try to always watch "The McLaughlin Group" for the same reason, four people from both sides of current issues, battle it out for half an hour each week