While the proposed legislation may not interfere in the decision between you and your doctor, it is my interpretation (referring to H.R. 3200) that it doesn't mean that the government will pay for the decision at which you and your doctor arrive. You may want to familiarize/re-familiarize yourself with Sections 122 through 124. I don't think this will be any different than that decision being rejected by an insurance company. The only difference I'm left to wonder about is if you will have the ability to appeal any such rejection. My guess would be no.

Well, that's the House bill and not the final version of the bill, but if you are correctly interpreting the language, then I wonder under what conditions something would be denied -- obviously cosmetic surgery shouldn't be covered unless it's due to an injury; perhaps that might be the reason for including such limits.

I know it's easy to assume the worst about the wording in legislation, but assuming that the bill is actually designed to make things better than they are now (and not some conspiracy to make life worse for Americans -- not that you are doing that, by the way), I think the wording is probably there for a good reason. But that's the kind of thing that should be debated in Congress, and I'm sure it will be as the bills make their way through both Houses.

We all know that the govt. can screw things up pretty good, especially with so many bureaucrats in the way, but this country is still pretty damned nice, and when well-meaning people try to do something good, I like to give them the opportunity to try and do it. So we'll see what happens.

I know you want what's best for the country and for it's citizens (and I appreciate that), and I hope you know that I feel the same way.