Hi SueNP, and welcome to KickAS!

(you do have a ways to go if you are going to make as many posts as our other Sue yes )

That is pretty shameful, must find out the whole story on Baucus, whether he was [*], or [*], or something else

Not to defend the Democrats or anything, but he is one of the Blue Dog Democrats, almost another party unto themselves.

I do agree with you that there abundant evidence to have disgust for people in both parties, but there are also honorable politicians, too

and I think that because they are human, just like you and me, that is even more reason, not less, for us to be involved as citizens, to be a part of the process that will shape our lives

and we citizens are the ones that elected those representatives, so they are a statement about us as well

BTW, I also thought about becoming an Independent, because it fit my idealogy better. But then I learned that they can't vote in the primaries in New York state, so I didn't change, not wanting to lose that privilege

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